Know Thyself Holistic Self Counseling

Learn the Deep Inner Dialogue to Counsel, Know, and Heal Thyself

Why Outsource, when you can In-Source?

Are you tired of working on all your issues that don't seem to go away no matter what you have tried? Have you looked for the "right" counselor or therapist and not found anyone that fits the bill?

Look no further - you are your own medicine.

Learn a one of a kind, self-counseling technique to get down to your deep and buried wounds, and then free yourself without the help of anyone else.

Insource don't outsource. Holistic Self Counseling

Naturopathic doctors are opening up their secrets to powerful mind and body healing, offering these professional methods for the first time to the public.

Derived from the very effective and deeply healing professional "Holistic Counseling Vis Dialogue" this technique can now be yours to use on yourself.

We are all sovereign beings. Self Counseling

We are all Sovereign beings. The I AM lives in each of us. This Holistic Self-Counseling method shows you how to access your inner Truth and how to release false beliefs that stand in opposition to your true Self.

In the days to come, we will all need to be able to take care of ourselves. The mind and emotions are the most powerful places that determine health and well-being, and we will show you how to begin healing yourself in the most profound way - so you can directly access the answers from your true Self.

Resolve the Karma that Keeps You Bound to Illness and Suffering.

Dissolve old patterns that you thought you'd always have to live with.

Healing For



Lack of Self Confidence

Confusion of identity

Struggles with career

Financial issues



Physical illness

Chronic Suffering

Anytime. Anywhere.
Just You and The One.
Ask and Ye Shall Receive an Answer...
from your Self.

Ask and ye shall receive - Holistic Self Counseling


"Know Thyself; then thou shalt know the Universe and God."


Know thyself, and you will know God. Self Counseling