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Introducing The Vis Dialogue: Breakthrough Healing Method Uniting The Worlds Of Mind-Body Medicine & Psychology


Holistic Counseling – Introducing The Vis Dialogue – is the book that is part of the full professional certification program of Holistic Counseling. Though it was written for healthcare practitioners, many lay people have received healing benefit from reading this book and you too can begin understanding the process involved in Know Thyself Holistic SELF Counseling.

This E-book shares in detail about the cutting-edge, revolutionary process of counseling that helps the practitioner connect the patient’s mind with their body to establish the real root cause of illness and disease. This technique helps to empower the patient to understand how their body is a reflection of their mind and how their illness also reflects that. This counseling technique alone has often been enough to heal incurable and protracted physical diseases without drugs, supplements, or any other form of remedy.


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